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Luis 'Lucho' Claro and Ramon Herrera owners of Rancho La ponderosa Horseback Tours NV. Lucho is one of the island's most respected horsemen. From the saddle of his private stock of quality Paso Fino horses, you can enjoy the beauty of Aruba from back roads trails.

- Paso fino horses, known for their even temperament and comfortable ride.
- Quality, experienced guides.
- Safe, scenic trials.
- Free pick-up & delivery to you hotel.

Rancho La Ponderosa has been judged by Princess Cruises as the “tour of the season” for its consistency in providing cruise passengers an excellent overland adventure, which combines friendly, knowledgeable trail guides, picturesque trails and soft-stepping gaited horses.

The winner of Princess Cruises’ ultimate honor of the best for horseback riding tours of Aruba, Rancho La Ponderosa promises a memorable tour of the island from the saddle of Aruba’s best riding horses.

With more than 30 years of experience, Rancho La Ponderosa remains a top choice among both visitors and local residents as the place to go for an outstanding horseback riding experience. The ranch offers all sorts of equestrian pursuits -- privately boarding horses, hosting horse shows, providing horseback riding lessons as well as offering both morning and afternoon trail rides.